About the Founder

Vikram Naik is an Independent Filmmaker who has written, produced and directed three short films , a ten episode series and one feature length film viz. Mirror (2017) (short film), Mandala (2018) (short film), Hands (2020) (short film) , Being (2020) (series) and When Kasauli Calls (2021) (feature length film) under his banner ‘Vikram Naik Films’.

Vikram Naik Photo

About Independent Cinema

Independent Cinema is cinema created outside the traditional studio system. It is unconventional and experimental aimed towards breaking new grounds in cinematic language and realizing the untapped potential of this very powerful medium of expression.

About Vikram Naik Films (VNF) Theatres

Vikram Naik believes that Independent Cinema is niche and hence there is a need for a more personalised engagement and connect with the audience with a view to popularise and evolve content on a sustainable basis. With this objective in mind he has founded Vikram Naik Films (VNF) Theatres. VNF Theatres is an E-Theatre platform for showcasing Independent Cinema.